The 3rd Place Building is one of four buildings where contestants can spend the night in Total Drama Alphabet. This is usually where teams who place last in challenges will sleep. It consists of a single room where all members of a team must use sleeping bags to sleep on the floor, with a single tent flap separating the boys from the girls.

Teams in building by episodeEdit

  1. A is for Arrival- Team Amazon
  2. You Cannot Beat Air Man!- Team Himalayas
  3. A Little Help- Team Amazon
  4. C Is For Dr. Clause- Team Himalayas
  5. Food So Plastic, It's Fantastic- Team Amazon
  6. Factor Phobia- Team Himalayas
  7. Stop That Pigeonholed Villain!- Team Himalayas
  8. My Life As A Teenage Health Nut- Team Himalayas
  9. Triskaidekaphobia- Team Amazon
  10. Sandcastle Hassle- Team Himalayas
  11. Talent Trouble- Team Himalayas
  12. Unfair Funfair- Team Himalayas

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