• BadAsp

    What a roller-coaster ride!

    September 20, 2011 by BadAsp

    The amusement park has virtually everything a teenager could ask for, and the sixteen contestants must have fun, or else one of them could be going home! Who will have the time of their life? Who will end up taking a ride of his/her own out of the camp? And who IS this mysterious villainess, anyway? And is it who you think she is? There's only one way to find out, and that's by reading chapter 25!

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  • BadAsp

    But chapter 24 introduces one. However, unlike the Danielle/George showmance, this one is kind of out of left field!

    Let the shipping begin!

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  • BadAsp

    The curtain rises...

    September 2, 2011 by BadAsp

    Nine acts. Three members from each team performing them. Seven interns judging. And after the episode is over, seventeen contestants will become sixteen.

    Welcome to the first ever talent show competition on Total Drama Alphabet.

    Who is surprisingly good at singing? Who has a surprising dark side? And who will no doubt blow the competition, ending up putting his/her team in last place?

    Watch to find out! :3

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  • CragmiteBlaster

    Hey guys; we meet again.

    Chapter 22 is up and a whole lot of things have happened. So much in fact that the whole of day eleven will without a doubt rock more than a boulder.


    Forst of all ... Rachel likes Katrina. I did NOT expect that. I think this is gonig to be a very good sub plot. Rachel likes Katrina and so does Nicole. Katrina likes Zack as does Mallory. Zack likes both Katrina and Mallory ... this is a LOVE PENTAGON we're talking about here! I think this means Team Amazon won't lose for a while ... or they'll boot Alistair and maybe Xuxa at the next two ceremonies, no possibility has a big downside.

    Second; the whole body swap thing ... why would anyone want to buy amulets that swap someones body let alone bring them to a reality…

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  • BadAsp

    Ophelia has been known for acting weird, but for some reason she's acting even weirder... almost more like Danielle. And Danielle has been acting more like Ophelia!

    Yep, those two have switched bodies.

    How will the Freaky Friday Flip affect Episode 11's challenge, which is a talent competition that has been used in virtually every popular Total Drama fanfic (including, of course, Total Drama Comeback)?

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  • CragmiteBlaster

    As everyone who had read up tothe current chapter of TDABC will know; Team Himalayas has lost six times, Team Amazon has lost three times and Team Moon hasn't lost even ONCE.

    Some of you may think that they will make the mereg without a loss ... but I assure you that they will lose eventually. Frank said he has there first loss planned. Whether or not this is their only loss remains to be seen.

    Due to the fact Team Moon hasn't attended a Bonfire Ceremony yet it is obvious we do not know how the votes would play out. In this blog post I aim to analyse who each team member would most likally vote for in an unbiased way. (But if you know me you probably know who I want to be gone).

    So; let's get started.


    Elizabeth gets along very well wi…

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  • BadAsp

    ...I simply have no idea who is going to get voted off next at this point.

    It still amazes me that Team Moon could manage to go THIS long without voting any of their members out... it's like they're virtually unstoppable! I really think that all eight of them could make the merge at this rate!

    Team Himalayas, now down to three members, would need a miracle to stay in the competition... it's like an uphill battle, since they're going up against teams of six and eight! Not to mention the fact that one of its teammates is vision-impaired... but then again, Total Drama Alphabet has been a wild, unpredictable season so far. Stranger things have happened!

    I'm so looking forward to chapter 22, and I hope it gets here quickly! :)

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