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This article focuses on the interactions and friendship between Bob and George.
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Bob and George were good friends throughout TDABC; they regularly interacted up until Bob's Elimination.

A is for ArrivalEdit

While Bob and George didn't officially become friends until the next episode they both met each other on day 1 of the competition. They searched for boxes together in the first challenge along with Danielle, Frederique and Percy. While they didn't exactly interract George didn;t feel it was really right to leave Bob and Percy in the hole that Todd has used as a trap.

You Cannot Beat Air Man!Edit

This is where Bob and George had their first interaction. At night when George was feeling his way around his room in the 1st Place Building Bob entered and asked if George needed any help. Bob was impressed by George's ability to get by despite being blind. Bob teased Georghe about liking Danielle and said he was sure he would end up with her. Bob also asked George a few questions about what its like being blind.,

At the Bonfire Ceremony both Bob and George voted for Leanne and were also the first two to recieve an alphabet block.

Factor PhobiaEdit

While only a minor interaction Bob says 'Door!' when there is a knock at the door and George replies 'That it is' and opens it. It is likally that by now George knows Bob is 'a few kibbles short of a bowl'.


When Danielle says to Bob he will be the next to go if they lose George asks her to give him a chance since they gave him a chance; he states that Bob is nice. When George is facing his fear (bottomless) Bob tries to help him but thanks to him and Ophelia George falls down the bottomless hole before he is ready. Later on George falls out of the sky and Bob breaks his fall.

Sandcastle HassleEdit

Bob loses the challenge for the team due to being manipulated by Todd; he runs to the cabin to tell George what happened and to vote off Ophelia. However; he ends up denying what he did WORD FOR WORD. At the bonfire ceremony George votes for Bob but when Ophelia says it'll be easier to win without him George says he agrees but hates to admit it.