Mallory OC for TDABC by Frank35
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Light Green
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Zack (courting)
Family Mother, Father
Friends Xuxa, Zack, Elizabeth, Alistair (sort of)
Enemies Katrina, Rachel, Percy, Hank
Fear Katrina
Talent Scaring people
Mallory Lamy, labelled The 'Error', is a late arriving contestant on Total Drama Alphabet and is a member of Team Amazon.


Mallory Lamy was introduced in Episode 6. Izzy has no idea who she is, but Heather found her and liked her, and... that's about all anyone knows, really.




  • Mallory is the only female contestant with a disability; George is the male contestant with a disability.
  • She and Katrina are the only two contestants this season who knew each other prior to the filming of Total Drama Chris/Alphabet.
  • Her favorite video game is Resident Evil.
    • On that note she also seriously dislikes the Mario Series.
    • Frank revealed in a review response that she has played Alone in the Dark (the 1992 game).
  • Mallory is one of two girls to wear glasses (the other is Veronica).
  • Funnily enough Mallory has some similarities with a character from Total Drama Letterz called Uzuri; both are creepy blonds and love scary things, Frank even admitted they would get along nicely. Coincidentally Uzuri was created before Mallory had even made her debut in the story.
  • She is CragmiteBlaster's favorite female.