Ophelia OC for TDABC by Frank35
Gender Female
Hair Color Black with red streaks
Eye Color Grey
Episode Eliminated Talent Trouble
Place 17th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Danielle, George, Candice, Isis, Xuxa
Enemies Leanne, Ulysses, Bob, Rachel, Percy
Fear Being attacked by talking flashlight batteries during a potatoe race
Talent Building sandcastles, imagination
Ophelia Lee, labelled the 'Genki Girl', is a contestant on Total Drama Alphabet and is a member of Team Himalayas.


Ophelia is a sweet, easily excitable girl who loves hanging around friends and having fun. She may get in some trouble sometimes, but she never really means any harm. She's just a happy person who gets bored easily, and needs to keep her mind active. She also tends to annoy a lot of people, though, but she doesn't let them bother her. Much.


Ophelia is wild and energetic. She sometimes talks about random topics and goes off track; other times she is wacky and funny. Ophelia is fun loving and has trouble sitting still. Despite her wild personality she is capable on being serious when the situation calls for it and she is sweet and caring to her friends.


Ophelia was the 19th to arive in A is for Arrival. She immediently showed her hyper attitude and also threw Alistairs pipe into the lake. When Xuxa arrived she and ophelia becoem friends and squeed. In Ophelia's first confessional she drinks caffine and becomes hyper. Ophelia searched for boxes alone in the first challenge and managed to find one. She found Elizabeth and unintentually annoyed her which made her say she wasn't going to give her the box anymore. When Danielle, Elizabeth and George were the only ones left to finsih Ophelia helped George over the line. Ophelia escaped the Punishment Shack and became a member of Team Himalayas.

In You cannot beat Air Man! Ophelia becomes friends with Isis and Candice; she and Isis have a sleepover and Ophelia paints Isis' nails. During the challenge Ophelia dresses in a tutu in order to atrract Robot Masters. Throughout the challenge she and Leanne become enemies and Leanne takes every opportunity to insult Ophelia as well as Candice. Ophelia performs very well and is eventually the last member of her team standing. However; she is beaten by QuickMan/Izzy. Because of this her team loses as they have no survivors. At the Bonfire Ceremony Ophelia recieves a vote from Leanne and taunts him when she recives an alphabet block. She voted for Leanne.


  • Ophelia is the only Japanese camper.
  • Ophelia has eaten hamsters before and claims they are delicious.
  • She has a strong digestive system as she eats a plate and survives with little injury.
  • Ophelia shares the same surname as Ulysses.