Total Drama Chris is a fanfic written by Frank15 prior to the events of Total Drama Alphabet. Like the first season, Total Drama Island, Total Drama Chris has all 22 of the original contestants.


  1. Like Kicking a Dog
  2. Bridge of Understanding
  3. Sailor Buffoon
  4. Courting Disaster
  5. Secrets, Disguise, and Videotape
  6. Stupor Off-Road
  7. The Blonde and the Beautiful
  8. It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day
  9. Grave Error
  10. Bridging the Gap
  11. That's Not My Name
  12. Lethally Blonde
  13. Brat Race
  14. Marooned Dreamers
  15. I'm Shovin' It
  16. We Wish You A Merry Chris
  17. Sax and Violins
  18. Prairie Daunting
  19. Total Quibbling Rivalry
  20. I Think We're Alone Now
  21. Monster Ashley
  22. My Buddy and Me
  23. Katie in Red
  24. Eternal Game
  25. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner